Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wavy Hair: How To

I have been on the search for the best way to create the natural, beachy wavy hair everyone dreams about.
With a little help from different bloggers and Pinterest, I've finally perfected my wave.
Here's how I did it:
-Wet, comb and part hair and apply some type of hair serum. I use Redken rewind 06-pliable styling paste. Only a tiny dab is needed (apply only to lower half of hair, too much can make your hair look greasy).
-Give yourself a simple braid and let dry (some bloggers suggest sleeping with braid in the hair, I chose to blow dry it). Take braid out once hair is dry. Run your fingers through it but don't brush.

-Use a curling iron (mine is an 1 inch barrel) to curl large pieces of hair. Curl away from your head. Run your fingers through each curl so it becomes more of a wave, less of a curl.

-Use hair spray to finalize your look.

This is how mine came out

Very pleased with the results! Good luck :)


  1. yeah. i'll need all the luck I can get.

  2. My hair + Miami humidity = no waves/curls/body of any type for Gail. It's sad. Very sad.

    But YAY for Ashley! ;) Looks cute.

  3. BTW, not sure if you know blogger has changed the word verification thingy. It's super hard to read. (Grrr, Blogger. Grrr.) Just FYI. You may not even know you have it turned on. (Got to your dashboard, then settings, then comments. Scroll down to word verification and click "no".)

    Off my soap box. :)

  4. Oops. "Go." That should be "Go" not "Got".

    Pet peeve of mine. Must fix my typos.

    And now I have to try and read that robot word capture thing for the third time. Ironic, huh?


  5. Christine- Thanks so much for leaving a comment and becoming a follower! And believe me, this was super easy to do. My hair is so thin that nothing usually works. But with enough product and hair spray, it stayed wavy all day. Let me know if you try it!
    Gail- Thanks so much! I didn't even know that people had to do a word verification thingy to leave comments on my blog. Thank god you told me how to deactivate it, I woulda been here all night. Merci!