Thursday, March 22, 2012

Magnolia Days

The windows are open,
the screen door to the deck is propped open so the little ones can run in and out of the house,
and I have two huge branches of magnolia's ready to be trimmed and decorated with.
Life is good.

Working on my mantle, more shots to come in another post.

My favorite time of the day. Dusk.
Tired little feet are bathed and relaxing, waiting for a bedtime story,
while the evening breeze keeps us cool.

Hoping for another warm day tomorrow.


  1. Magnolias are beautiful flowers! They remind me of my college days at Samford. ;)

    Love the white on white effect they give in front of the pretty shutter.

  2. Hey! You changed your blog design! :) I like it!

  3. Those are REAL??! Gorgeous! I love magnolias. Can't wait to see your mantel - the sneak peek is so pretty!

  4. Gail, yes I finally put aside some time to pretty up the blog. I'm really happy with the result too! Thanks for the comments :)
    Jenna, Thank God I already took the pics of the mantle...because now all the flowers are dead! LOL. OH well, time to get outside and get some more. I'll be posting the pictures tomorrow!