Saturday, March 10, 2012

Historic Renovation

In the latest issue of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, there is a spread of an 18th century home that has all the components of a home that I adore. From the wide-planked floors, to the muted upholstery found throughout the house, it is just to die for.

I love the old iron bed. Once Ella outgrows her crib, we'll set up my old iron bed for her. Currently it is white, but I go back and forth with wanting to paint it a fun bright pop of color, or restoring it to its original color, black.

Madly in love with the sliders right now. Trying to think of every way possible to fit them in my house somehow...

This wood planked door is amazing. Although my style is a little bit more modern now, there is something about this that draws me in.

What house do you have a crush on lately?


  1. Gorgeous! This could easily a dream house of mine!

  2. So beautiful. Clean, warm and refreshing. I've always thought it would be "fun" to buy an old house with natural charm and fix it up, but in reality I probably wouldn't want to deal with old wiring and I'll adore pictures like this. :) Sad thing is, in South FL, homes are not built with character and charm. It has to be created. :(

  3. Lovely! I'd move in tomorrow! Not sure how all that lovely furniture would fare with my 3 young ones. :) {Love your new blog look too!}

  4. Love the new design! And I LOVE this house!

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone! I knew you girls would be drooling over this house also. Maybe we'll all get to live in a house like this someday. Jenna your right though, that furniture would be ruined in under 5 min from my kids. Obviously this house owner is not running a daycare out of there ; )