Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Mantle

So, here it is. My Spring mantle 2012.

This dainty hurricane lamp was a gift from my father who received it from his mother. We are told that about 200 of these beautiful fixtures were placed throughout my great grandparents house lighting up their wedding ceremony and reception over 100 years ago.
How romantical?!?

Next up, Chris and Ella's Easter baskets, neon and neutral inspired.
Hope you're all having a great {unfortunately cold} week!


  1. Thanks Teresa! That is a major compliment coming from you because I absolutely love your decorating :)

  2. So pretty and fresh! I'm loving the sparkly "M." And the history behind the hurricane - so special. Can you imagine how romantic 200 lanterns would be for a wedding? ::sigh::

  3. Looks so pretty! Clean and bright! Love it!

  4. Thanks Jenna and Sarah!
    Jenna- the "M" is by Wendy Addison. I got it at my favorite little gift shop downtown though.