Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh Minted, How I Love Thee

My favorite online stationary store, Minted, is having an awesome contest and because I've been working on my photography portfolio, I'm so psyched to enter. All I have to do is submit 1 or 2 engagement photos to "Become The Face Of Minted" (and hopefully win $200 for the blushing bride).
This is where I need your help. Below are some pictures of an adorable engaged couple, Ashley and Aaron, that I took last summer. Please help me decide which images I should enter.
Do your best to imagine the picture being used for an advertisement or "Save the Date" cards or engagement announcements.

So, what'd you think? Which two are your favorite?
And make sure to check back by the end of the week. I'll be posting the winning pics here and on Minted's facebook wall. Then, you can head on over and "like" the images on their wall (as they plan on taking the amount of "likes" into consideration). Thanks everyone!


  1. I'd go with 2... I love 7 but they might get 2 more! They all came out really beautiful! But, I do love 7! Oh I dunno...

  2. Yes, my vote is for 2!!