Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Crafts

Wow, did January blow by or what? I can't believe it's February, which means is time to red and pink this place up!

It's so much fun having little hands to do some Valentines Day projects with. Here are a few creations we've completed so far.

Heart Shaped Valentines

This craft is super simple and super sweet for loved ones who wouldn't mind a little heart in the mail. All I did was use a heart shaped cookie cutter to trace out perfect hearts on brown paper lunch bags. I cut them out, wrote a little note and let my two helpers go to town with glue, sequence, and pom poms.

Homemade Heart Garland

While I was cutting out the hearts for the Valentines cards, I cut some extra. I punched two holes in each heart and strung them through burlap twine. I glued the heart in place to insure stability.

Hung it on the mantle and admired.

Pincone Love

Gather some pinecones from your backyard and spray paint them white. Add a twist and hang them by a red or pink ribbon around your house.

Chalkboard Endearment

Spill your guts out for the whole world to see...okay, well just your company to see.

What are some homemade crafts you do for V Day?


  1. I love them all!! Inexpensive and cute as can be! I love that saying.."Love more, worry less"

  2. Thanks Noelle! I'm always trying to find ways to save money on crafts so I can spend more money on clothes ;)