Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How To Sterilize Pacifiers The Right Way

Some call it the old fashioned way, I call it the right way. Sterilizing binkies (as we call them here) is apart of my daily routine...I could do it in my sleep. Literally. I'll wake up some nights thinking that I need to get out of bed to go sterilize bottle nipples and binkies. It's crazy.

I remember being a first time mom and having no idea how to do it. I was scared I'd let them boil for too long and somehow have them release toxins or deadly poisons (haha), or not leave them in long enough to totally defeat the whole purpose. Funny to think how clueless I was.

Well, here's the right way to do it...

{for all the new clueless mama's out there}

**Submerge all pacifiers, bottles, bottle nipples, etc. into boiling hot water. Keep them in there for about 5 minutes. Use tongs or spoon to dish them out. Let them air dry then pat down and restock the cabinet.**

Repeat at least once a week. Better to do it more often, if you can find the time...let me know where you find it ;)

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  1. I'm long passed paci and bottle days...but that's how I did it. Whew! Good to know! ;)