Friday, January 20, 2012

You Got it Dude

One of the biggest style icons of my time is Ashley Olsen. She always looks so chic; even when she's photographed wearing boyfriend jeans and a plain white tee with her hair pulled back in a low bun.

I love her.

I want to be her.

{I think I may have a slight obsession.}

Wanting to dress like a celebrity is almost near impossible when your salary is less than a quarter of theirs. So, here's how I do least, how I think I do it...

You got it dude

You got it dude by ashmanwar featuring boyfriend jeans

Theory oversized sweater
$213 -

Ralph Lauren long sleeve shirt
$185 -

Old Navy loose tank top
$20 -


TopShop navy blue blazer
£65 -

HTC boyfriend jeans
€193 -

Gap legging
$60 -

Gap jeans

Miss Sixty wedge booties
$190 -

Betsey Johnson kitten heels
$170 -

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