Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chalkboard Heaven

I've daydreamed about having a huge chalkboard somewhere in my house for the past two years. Everytime I go into Homegoods, Michaels, (really any homeware store) I'm always on the prowl for a board that is a good size at a good price.

I never had such luck.

In fact, forget about the price, I never even found a chalkboard that was big enough. I didn't want some little board that I'd be squeezing my "To Do" lists on, but rather a gigantic board that allowed me to jot down some notes and still allow my children to draw on.

After stalking Pinterest and looking at a bizillion pictures of DIY painted-on chalkbards, I finally decided it was time to pick a paintbrush and paint me a chalkboard, damnit!

Well, actually, I decided it was time for my husband to pick up the paintbrush...)

I chose a long narrow wall in my front living room, right off of the kitchen. This wall has always been hard to decorate because with all the traffic going in and out of the kitchen, it's hard to put a table or any peice of furniture there. But, when I just hung a little shelf and decorated it with picture frames, the wall looked un-finished.

This wall made me loose sleep.

And this is what it looks like now

Here it is in the making

And this is what is looked like after the first hour we were allowed to write on it LOL

Again, here it is before

And now

I love my new chalkboard. What recent home project has left you feeling smitten?


  1. Perfection! I love it! :) Diggin' that chev pillow with it, too.

  2. Love it! I'm such a sucker for a good chalkboard!

  3. so cool, ash!! i've always wanted one, too! i had wondered where you were going to put it but that wall is perfect. can't wait to write on it when i'm there!! let's play that dots game again?

  4. We have one in our kitchen! I just need to put some border around it now! Yours looks great!

    Sorry we missed you guys today!

  5. Thanks girls! I love it too.
    Brit- Can't wait to play school on it with you lol
    Alicia- I haven't seen your chalkboard! We need to get together, maybe sometime this week. Did you see you were the winner of the dishtowels??