Friday, January 6, 2012


What a crazy month December was for us. Ella's birthday, Christmas and Christopher's birthday all fall within three weeks of each other. My poor extended family, the amount of money they have to spend on my family alone in December...we must put them into poverty!
So now, after all the money's been spent, gifts wrapped and then torn open, tags ripped off, toys cut open, it's finally time to write the Thank You's.
I found these adorable cards at Target, &10.99 for 50!!!! (cute and cheap)

In the future, I'd love to get some personalized stationary for everyone in my family. I'm thinking something like this for me...

This for Chris (now he doesn't have an excuse to leave me love notes every morning)...

For Christopher...

And Ella...

all images via my new fav online store

Nowadays, we so often use the Internet and cell phones to communicate. How nice it would be to receive a handwritten letter via snail mail on such pretty paper.

Go to minted now, like now, and tell me which design you'd choose for yourself!


  1. It's hard to choose a favorite! Wow! I love the Shabby She and the Round Flourish.

  2. I know right! I love those both, ugh how am I gonna make the decision?!?