Friday, December 16, 2011

Love You To Infinity

If you're reading this right now, get off your tush and run on down to Grace. Today only, they are having the most fabulous deal. 50% off all infinity scarves!!! I just got myself one and I'm thinking of going back and getting a couple more (gonna have to be sneaky, the hubby is looking at me suspiciously).

If not for yourself, I'm sure there's someone on your Christmas list who would love a warm, comfy, stylish scarf. Who wouldn't?!?

Happy Shopping!


  1. Want to hear something funny...or slightly odd? I don't need a scarf. I mean, hello, I live in Miami. It's about 84 outside right now, but I like scarves. In fact, the past few nights I've been pretending like its winter...ha...I make hot apple cider or hot chocolate, curl up on the couch (to blog, of course), and wrap my neck in my favorite comfy, cozy scarf...just because.

    It snowing somewhere, right?

    Go enjoy those scarves...for me. ;)

  2. I love it Gail! I would totally do the same exact thing. You should see me in the husband always dies of laughter because I never learn my lesson. Every year we go pumpkin picking and there I am, in uggs, skinny jeans, a big comfy sweater, a knitted hat...and it's like 65* out. I'm always sweating and the kids are cranky because I'm holding them and my sweater is itching them HAHA. It's never the way I picture it...
    Oh well, beauty is pain.
    And ps...I'm still sitting here in sweats and of course, the scarf.

  3. I love scarves. I literally have a problem though. No one needs as many scarves as I have. Scarves and pillows are my weakness!!

  4. I'm with Gail - ha, ha - just a few miles north. But I still will wrap a scarf around my neck and pull on my boots. Forget the weather, it's all about the style. :) Love the scarf!

  5. Love it...and BTW wasn't I the one who told you about these awesome scarves? Give credit where it's due!! :)

  6. Thanks Jennifer, Jenna and Holly for leaving comments (made my day)!
    Jennifer- I hear ya on the pillow obsession. Ever since I discovered etsy, I've been hooked on them....
    Jenna- It IS all about the style. Period.
    Holly- Thank god I have an older sister who introduces me in the most fashionable stuff...I can't believe how clueless I was! Embarrassing!!

  7. Jenna- I can't remember, do you have a blog? I can't seem to find it in your profile ??